This sculpture in stone has had several previous lives. It has been a gravestone and after that it has been used in the construction of an Italian house, the marks of which are left visible on the backside of the sculpture. When Badriah found it, it was purposelessly laying around in a garden, completely covered in moss. By digging into the fabric of this former gravestone, Badriah made the natural veins appear like a vortex, reminiscent of swirling galaxy’s and other natural forces of creation and destruction.  The rudimentary act of digging a hole and  exposing the inner life of the stone, was an important step, leading her towards an intuitive approach of art. Suspending the sculpture in mid-air emphasizes the the mass of the galaxy that emerges out of the marble veins.

Bardiglio Marble (Italy)

68cm x 33cm x 23,5cm