Double triptych no.1 is a conceptsketch for a large scale wall piece involving both 3D and regular printing techniques. By redefining the context of elements of form derived from her sculpture, she creates a new visual and narrative context. The pointed element that recurs in all of the panels is one and the same. Upon closer examination one can see that the entire installation is built up of this single element, giving shape to the entire wall sculpture. This visual echo seems to be saying that everything is built up out of a repetition of the same element. In the end it is just a matter of positioning. The two triptychs are to be shown on opposite walls, further enhancing the image-rhyme.

Behind the muscular appearance of these reliefs, resides a tale of transformation. Where the centerpiece in the first triptych is inverted and pressed between the two others, it has transformed itself in the second triptych. The entirety of the two reliefs shows a passage from the introverted to the extroverted, thus creating a liminal space for the spectator, standing at the threshold between two different ways of structuring identity.

Concept sketch for a wall-relief

Size: approximately 4,5m high