A3a, 2008-2023

A3A, is one of Badriah Hamelinks earlier works forming part of the A series. Smooth surfaces dominate the visual language and hermetic bodies of stone appear impenetrable. In A3A, two different movements are clearly visible. The tension between going up and going down, going out and going in; between introspection and extraversion.

Crafted from white marble, A3A adopts an oval shape, measuring 36,6cm in length, 18cm in width, and at its widest, reaching a maximum of 8,5cm. The sculpture’s primary forms are distilled to the simplicity of an oval and an inclined line. The oval defines the slender sculpture, creating a stage where two points converge and diverge – a convex peak and a concave notch. These opposing elements, however, are connected through a line, like a ridge, that now and then seemingly vanishes and reappears. A visual play accentuated by the interplay of light on the surface where soft shadows suddenly transform into hard shadows – as if the line dissolves into the sculpture’s skin. 

When the surface curves inward, it evokes a sense of shyness or introspection, while outward curves suggest extraversion. Perhaps there’s a vitality within the sculpture that mirrors our own essence—sometimes contemplative, yet yearning to break free. Contained within A3A, an inner skeleton resides that propels itself outward, attempting to liberate whatever lies within, allowing the sculpture to take shape.