In Your Living Room [IYLR] is an on-going project founded in 2012 by students of the Royal Academy of Fine Art The Hague, that offers a platform for artists to present their work outside of the usual white cube. The atelier building Maakhaven was the platform for the Cliffhanger edition.

A slit in a stone slowly fills up with water and empties itself. This motion is constantly repeated. The stripe of water that occurs, disappears and reoccurs, projects an ever growing and dwindling bow of light on the wall.

Like in Plato’s allegory of the cave what you see is not what you see. A straight line bends itself to a round line. As for Plato we can never know the true nature of reality, or as he calls it; the realm of pure form. What we can do is imagine it, and that is where we ourselves are bending reality