A4.2b, BIANCO PI MARBLE, 2009-2012

Rectangular bass-relief in white marble. Two points move outward in the same fashion as germinating seeds. 

 The sculpture was made during the time when Badriah was attending the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp, known for its focus on human anatomy. As she was given the assignment to make a torso, she did so, using the absolute minimum. In this work, Badriah sculpts with light rather than matter. In that sense this artwork is as much conceptual as it is physical. Badriah: ‘This bass-relief in white marble was the first time I worked with a rectangular shape. I like how it clashes with the softness of the rest of the piece, allowing for an absolute minimum of shape. Now, while secretly working on a very dynamic new series, I have come to relish the quietude of my earlier work; for the first time truly embracing its imperfections.’


Bianco Pi Marble, 43cm x 29cm x 2,5cm, 2009-2012