A5b, POINTLEAD 2010-2014

This relief was inspired by Hubble deep space photos of two extraordinarily thin galaxies, named ngc 4452 and opo 0624. What these seemingly unrelated galaxies have in common is that both of them are extraordinarily thin, both forming an almost perfectly flat disc. Fascinated by the idea that these two pin-stripes both encompassed an entire galaxy, Badriah Hamelink created a height-map of the visual data of the light emitted by these galaxies and based a sculpture on its features. Through a rippling in a physical surface these far away light sources are re-materialized, in what may be seen as an almost alchemist act; uniting the two immensely distant celestial bodies by translating their light into matter and giving us the chance to observe the love affair that engenders there, as if seen from a point beyond time and space.

The work re-materializes these far away light sources through a rippling in a physical surface. Badriah chose to materialize it in lead because lead has the highest atomic number of any stable element and three of its isotopes each conclude a major decay chain of heavier elements. In other words if heavier elements decay, lead is their remainder.


Name: [A5B], Material: Blackened Point Lead, Size: 56cm x 38cm x 2,5 cm, 2010-2014