Moon Gallery show ART THE HAGUE

From Wednesday 29 September until Sunday 3 October 2021. Moon Gallery will present a selection of their finest artists at the art fair Art The Hague.

Facsimiles of the artifacts that will be sent to the moon in 2022 will be sold here.

Moon Gallery is an international collaborative artwork and a gallery of ideas worth sending to the Moon. Moon Gallery aims to set up the first permanent museum on the Moon. Moon Gallery will launch 100 artifacts to the Moon within the compact format of 10 x 10 x 1 cm plate on a lunar lander exterior paneling as early as 2022. In this Petri-dish-like gallery, we are developing a culture for a future interplanetary society. What are the ideas we want to promote into the future? What are the ideas we want to leave behind?

Moon Gallery suggests bringing this collection of ideas as the seeds of a new culture. We believe that culture makes a distinction between mere survival and life. Moon Gallery is a symbolic gesture that has a real influence – a way to reboot culture, rethink our values for better living on Earth planet.