What message should we send into space and does art have any role in it? This question has been asked ever since the Voyager Golden Records were launched in 1977.

“Art and science both have evolved from tradition and follow rules, but there’s a difference between the rigidity of the formal systems of science and the creative explorations of the arts. The leading idea in this project is that the technical knowledge of the sciences and the liberal creativity of the arts need to be brought together, in order for advancement to occur in both fields” Alexander Zaklynsky

As a part of the European Space Agency (ESA)  the ESTEC (European Space Research and technology Center) has invited a selection of artists to create an art gallery on the moon. The Moon Gallery is to be placed on a moon rover and plans are to launch it in 2022. November 16th the proposals of the artists will be presented at the ESTEC.

Badriah Hamelinks entry for this project is published here