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  • Article about Hamelinks NEW BODY OF WORK

      Chaos as Ordering Principle  Badriah Hamelink – Sculptor Text by Marieke C. McKenna   What does it mean to be engaged in the process of creation? This is the question that underlies the coming into being of the new sculptural series by Badriah Hamelink (1985, Amsterdam). For a sculptor, this question is deeply intertwined…

  • ABSOLUTE POWER – Podcast Materially Speaking features Badriah Hamelink

    Materially Speaking is a podcast where artists and artisans tell their stories through the materials they choose.   “Recently I went hiking in Garfagnana and I saw these incredible rock formations. There was this power, this absolute power of the universe, the power that pressed everything together and made mountains rise up. There’s something very fascinating…

  • INTERVIEW with Badriah Hamelink – 2020

    What was your first experience with the arts? There were many first times, but what immediately comes to mind is a Francis Bacon lithography in our living room when I was a three year old, that was repeatedly causing a stir. Every time my mother cleaned the house she would take it down and turned…

  • 5th International Salt Sculpture Symposium, SICILY

    In the last two weeks 8 international artists were invited to create sculptures out of salt. The works will be installed in the Sottosale Museum, situated in the salt mine itself. Click here for more information on the project.   Petralia Soprana ,al via V^ Biennale sculture Salgemma

  • Catalog WW Art Show NEW YORK

    The new catalog of the New York art shows in Caelum Gallery is out, featuring work by Badriah Hamelink.

  • Text on the A-series by author JAQUES HAMELINK

    A text from the hand of poet Jacques Hamelink on the A-series: Positie


    What message should we send into space and does art have any role in it? This question has been asked ever since the Voyager Golden Records were launched in 1977. “Art and science both have evolved from tradition and follow rules, but there’s a difference between the rigidity of the formal systems of science and…


    Within the framework of Manifest 2040 artist Badriah Hamelink designed a special meeting place for the Sand Motor for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The scale model she made was shown at the exhibition ‘Ontmoeten’.   More information on this project