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  • Abstract Industrialism – EST art foundation Leiden

    Participating artists: AKMAR (NL), Badriah Hamelink (NL), Erris Huigens (NL), Johannes Langkamp (NL), Christine Liebich (DE), Eric Martijn (NL) and Art van Triest (NL) Opening Tanja Elstgeest, director Museum De Lakenhal ABOUT THE EXHIBITION This exhibition consists of mainly sculptural work. Abstract Industrialism reflects on the relationship between men and technology and then, how the technical human…

  • Moon Gallery, Amstelgarden Glass House, AMSTERDAM

    In times of Corona, Moon Gallery has shifted it’s scope and is curating it’s upcoming exhibition in the Amstelgarden Glass House, Amsterdam. Here Moon Gallery will be showcasing work by Badriah Hamelink o.a. from june 6 onwards.

  • Designblok 19, PRAGUE

    Prague International Design Festival,  the most extensive design exhibition in Central Europe, traditionally shows a selection of works of designers and manufacturers from all over Europe, represents new prestigious brands and projects of emerging and well-established designers and design studios. Designblok annually attracts more than 50,000 visitors of all ages from the Czech Republic and…

  • EMMIHS Mauna Loa, HAWAII

    Work by Badriah Hamelink will be presented at ESA’s technical heart ESTEC, Noordwijk at the EuroMoonMars/ArtMoonMars workshop 18-20 of November. During EMMIHS campaign this prototype will be launched to the Moon-like northern flank of Mauna Loa on Hawaii Island, 8,200 feet above sea level. Hamelink’s work, titled The Waxing, will be joining the Moon Gallery exhibition at the HI-SEAS Moon Base


    Moon Gallery in collaboration with ESA (European Space Agency) are curating an art show at inside of a glacier at Glacier Palace, IGLUNA (Swiss Space Center) revolving around the cold climate on the far side of the moon.  

  • HOOGTIJ, Galerie Quartair, THE HAGUE

    At Hoogtij 24/05/2019 work by Badriah Hamelink will be featured in Moon Gallery at galerie Quartair. Moon Gallery is an international collaborative artwork and a gallery of ideas worth sending to the moon. Together we develop a culture for future interplanetary society. During Hoogtij, when the gravitational pull of the Moon is at its strongest, Moon…

  • Ventura Future, Design Week MILAN

    The new Moon Gallery destination is Ventura Future. Work by Badriah Hamelink will be featured. Ventura Future focuses on future developments in the field of art and design. In collaboration with BASE Milano (a Milan based cultural project), Ventura Future aims at promoting innovation, life-long learning and cross-pollination in the creative industries. The show will…

  • Future Past – Space Expo MUSEUM

    Moon Gallery FUTURE PAST opens the countdown to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. The show marks the beginning of the Year of the Moon celebrated internationally and at SPACE EXPO – the official visitors center of the European Space Agency at Noordwijk with exhibits on space, gravity & satellites. Future Moon…

  • Hilton STOCKHOLM

    Work by Badriah Hamelink will be on show in the Slussen Hilton Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden from september 3 untill november 2.  


    The work of Badriah Hamelink will be featured at the A.A.F. Brussels by the Art Magna Federation from 15.03.2018 – 18.03.2018