Photo series the REEL came into existence shortly after Badriah Hamelink suffered an almost fatal accident resulting in a severe concussion. For over a year she was in rehabilitation, during which she maintained her practice by creating digital montages on the basis of photographs of sculpture A11.

The images she came up with are strikingly serene, due to their bilateral symmetry. They strive for formal and internal equanimity. This reworking old material seems to be a way of creating a new context for her past states of being. The reflection in the water points towards a parallel world that dwells underneath the surface. It seems to be asking questions about the nature of reality. This dualism and reversal, that previously was only in-explicitly there, now becomes part of the method and of the message of Badriah’s workreversing and feeding itself with itself.

The montages gave rise to the idea of creating a video with the work A11 in a 15 meter long water basin. The reflection in the water points towards a questioning of the nature of reality, as if showing a parallel world. A very narrow beam of light hits part of the object, veiling it in darkness but simultaneously revealing it in an almost voyeuristic manner. It calls to mind watching someone sleep at the break of dawn.