Being fascinated by sculpture her whole life, Badriah Suzanna Hamelink joined the art scene in 2006 and became known for her minimal yet monumental gestures in stone. Intrigued with form, she studied at the Rietveld Academie (NL), in Pietrasanta (IT), at the Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp (BE), where she received a grant to study at the Fine Arts Academy Athens (GR).  She completed her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp (BE) and graduated with honors.

Fathered by Dutch poet and writer Jaques Hamelink and with the founder of the first Arab study center in the Netherlands as a grandmother, Badriah grew up in a predominantly intellectual environment. Nevertheless she found her own route leading away from the rational towards the intuitive. From scarily fragile to bold and rough, her works never fail to use the power of suggestion.

In 2017 Badriah founded Atelier BSH, continuing the production of her artworks in stone and metal. Her works have been shown in galleries and museums in New York, Luxembourg, Stockholm, Milan, Prague, Hawaii and Amsterdam. Badriah’s work can be found in a host of private collections worldwide.

As Badriah was motivated to further her career as an artist, she recently went on to learn an ancient Japanese stone splitting technique in order to pursue her passion for art, alongside with experimenting with various types of new materials. Badriah Hamelink currently lives and works in The Hague, and has her studio at Maakhaven. She spends regular working periods in Pietrasanta (IT) and is a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in London (UK).

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