Badriah Hamelink

Ontology plays a central role in Hamelink’s work. The sometimes wafer-thin sculptures from the A-series evoke the fragility of life and are tempting fate, while the rough, unyielding sculptures from the B-series reveal the relentless nature of existence.

A premise of the artist, is that there is a violent component in every ontology, in every form of existence. One thing persists by virtue of the death of an other. In the recent work of Hamelink, the splitting of stone functions as an act of both creation and destruction at the same time. With the splitting of matter, the artist enters a field of tension between purpose and coincidence.

In this violent method, a certain force manifests itself. There is something liberating about breaking an old order and thereby creating a new one. This continuation of the human mind is an act of reproduction, leaving behind a seed that can grow in someone else.  Therefore Hamelink’s art can be seen as a cerebral multiplication, in a universe that is dominated by the “will to live”.