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  • Concept design for Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    During the course of 2023, Badriah has been working on a concept design for a monumental sculpture commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from The Netherlands.

  • Municipality of The Hague invests in development of new body of work

    As part of the ‘Subsidieregeling investeren in Cultuur’, the municipality of the Hague has awarded Badriah Hamelink the financial means to realize a new series of sculptures. This new body of work will be realized over the course of 2023 and encompasses the production of both small and large scale pieces. Subscribe to the mailing…

  • CULTUUR + ONDERNEMEN Amsterdam supports new artistic development

    Cultuur + Ondernemen generously provided Bariah Hamelink with  the financial means to be able to make some serious steps in artistic development in 2022. What a great beginning of the year! Looking forward to share what’s in store with you soon.. Subscribe to the newsletter if you want to stay in the loop  

  • CONVERSATIONS with Helaine Blumenfeld OBE

    As part of the Royal Society of Sculptors fellows mentoring scheme, Badriah Hamelink got engaged in a series of conversation with sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld

  • STICHTING STOKROOS awards funding development

    Badriah was generously awarded funding bij de Stokroos Fund for a developmental trajectory. The Stokroos Fund facilitates and acts as a springboard for promising talent, with a focus on projects in which tradition and innovation enter into a surprising interplay.

  • Royal British Society of Sculptors LONDON

    As of now Badriah Hamelink is a member of the RSS (Royal British Society of Sculptors). The Royal Society of Sculptors is an artist led, membership organisation that supports and connect sculptors throughout their careers and leads the conversation about sculpture today through exhibitions and events.

  • Member of STROOM DEN HAAG

    Badriah Hamelink recently became part of Haagsekunstenaars.nl A hand picked selection by Stroom Den Haag of international artists who are based in The Hague.

  • Sculpture The Waxing in private collection DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

    Badriah Hamelink has recently installed sculpture THE WAXING in the home of a private art collector in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Within two years a miniature version of the artwork will be launched to the moon with the 2022 moon mission of the European Space Agency. More info on this project can be found following…

  • Moon Gallery at ONZE AMBASSADE The Hague

    EVENT INFO Moon Embassy presents Moon Gallery mission and new works. Join us on this extraterritorial and extraterrestrial piece of self-proclaimed Moon Land to conclude 2019 back on the lunar surface 50 years after the first moonwalkers. 16:00   guests arrival, solar & terrestrial viewing16:30   ArtMoonMars sound & visual performance ELEMENTALS17:00   ArtMoonMars MoonGallery…


    What message should we send into space and does art have any role in it? This question has been asked ever since the Voyager Golden Records were launched in 1977. “Art and science both have evolved from tradition and follow rules, but there’s a difference between the rigidity of the formal systems of science and…