A1, Bardiglio Marble (Italy)

This stone has had may previous lives. It has been someone’s gravestone and has subsequently been used in the construction of someones house. When Hamelink found it it was purposelessly laying around in a garden covered in moss. By digging into the fabric of this former gravestone, Hamelink made the natural veins appear like a vortex, reminiscent of swirling galaxy’s and other natural forces of creation and destruction.  The rudimentary act of digging a hole, exposing the inner life of the stone, is violating the integrity of the stone, yet giving it a new life in return.


Bardiglio Marble (Italy)

68cm x 33cm x 23,5cm


On the back side of the sculpture the scars that were left by the builders are still visible, as they roughed up one of the surfaces to make the cement stick to it.