In a talk entitled Creativity: Beyond the Self, Badriah’s mentor Helaine Blumenfeld talks of  the starting point of the creative proces, as being a point beyond the self.


“And so the first stage in the creative process that I think is imperative is immersing yourself in what you are making, not using your critical eye, not even looking at what you are doing, and only later going back to it. But unless this is followed by the second stage (the ability to stand away from it and judge it, the ability to see whether it’s even savable), there will be no work of art! As an artist you must be able to trust your own judgment and see the work as a unity, which, although it owes its existence to your originality and individuality, is yet a thing apart, a thing-in-itself that appears, even to its creator, beyond the self.

So, in a sense, there is a paradox. The work of art must emanate from the psyche, from deep within the subconscious. And yet, unless it passes through a “censor” who translates it into something more universal than confessional and personal, it doesn’t really exist in the sense of true art. And it’s in that process that the work can become visionary and inspirational rather than confessional, therapeutic or narrative.”


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